Through The Leaves




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Maverick さんのコメント...

Nice picture!
Your cat looks serious! haha
Oh and I miss shooting film! It has been like, idk, forever!

Rina さんのコメント...

She always looks at me like that! It's so funny. I must confess, I haven't used my film camera in such a long time! ): This photo is from an older roll. I really miss it as well.
You've received a letter of acceptance to a university in Australia? That's terrific! Congratulations! I hope you hear from your local university as well!
I'm anxious to know what your decision will be. :)
Biology is so fascinating, but it's so much information! haha, I don't have the best memory. ):
Oh, I'm afraid my plans are not nearly as intriguing as yours...

G さんのコメント...

what is the name of your cat?
He/she looks so cute:)

Rina さんのコメント...

Her name is Angel, although her mannerisms are not even close to being angelic...
But I let her get away with things, because she is so beautiful! Your cats are also very dashing. :)
There's no such thing as an unattractive cat!

Sewon さんのコメント...

Adorable new blog, Rina!

Rina さんのコメント...

Thank you Sewon!