Through The Leaves




A song for springtime mornings~


                                                     * * *


art talk


In the past, I used to be intimidated by artwork.
In the past, I might have been discouraged, constantly comparing my art to other's work, always feeling disappointed.
Now, rather than feeling discouraged, I am learning to take these feelings, and turn them into inspiration.
Be inspired. That is some very helpful, yet simple, advice I keep close to my heart to remind myself, at times of uncertainties, to constantly create.










Last week was my birthday! Oh, I cannot believe that I'm "adult"...
haha! So I was wondering what it really means to be an adult, and the best conclusion I could come up with was this:
doing things you might not really want to do, but in the end, you'll be glad you did these things.
For example, waking up early at 6:30 am to go to your job (yes, I'm getting up early for this!),
organizing and cleaning everyday (even though I should already be doing this..)
NOT laying in bed all day on Sunday to watch movies. Basically, being productive and proactive.
Anyways, I will continue growing this year, and I know it might be difficult at first, but I'll do my best!

Here are some photos from my new Minolta SRT 100! I love it! I have never been this happy with an SLR camera. :)
I bought it at a bargain price... It was too good of a deal to pass up.


Birthday flowers~

carrot cake, it was sooo good.

the perfect brunch: pancakes, chocolate crêpe, and poached egg over salad with salsa.

failed double exposer (but I kind of look like a doughnut fairy! haha!)

my friend's tiny puppy...ふわふわ、かわいいすぎる。。。

Snow? Kind of..

always end with a sunset ♥

So, I've been busy with school. Ever since I changed my major, I'm actually excited about school. I love creating, and learning about art.
I'm looking forward to share some of my projects here!
Also, as I mentioned, I finally got a part time job, that doesn't conflict with my school schedule.
More on that later.
I hope everything is just as good for you as it is for me ♥ ♥
Sending love your way!


Her: a love story by Spike Jonze

brrr, it's been really cold lately, hasn't it?
Although living in the south, I probably have never really experienced "cold" weather.
Anything below 15ºC makes me shiver. There is just no way I could live in a place that snowed more than one day in a year!
Please take care, if you are living somewhere with snowy weather!
Take your minds off the weather for a moment, and please watch the trailer for Spike Jonze's new film~

"I love the way you look at the world."

Spike Jonze's new film Her looks remarkable and visually stunning.
With an all star cast (Joaquin Phoenix and the beautiful Scarlett Johansson) and a soundtrack composed by the incredibly talented Arcade Fire, this film will easily become a favorite.
Doesn't it sort of remind you of his short film "I am Here"?(if you have not seen this one already please do!)

I hope you get a chance to see this movie
Stay warm lovelies
♥ ♥