Through The Leaves




During the summertime, I often reminisce about the glorious two weeks I spent in Japan.
And sometimes I awake from my nightly reveries, thinking that I have returned to Nippon.
You can only imagine the heartache I feel, once I realize that I am laying in my own bed.

In my dreams, the days of a Japanese summer sound like this






Bicycles at the temple.

Swans at Matsumoto Jyou



looks like Ganesha or Hanuman

I sometimes look at that last photo and feel a bit of regret. I was too cautious to venture down an unknown path.
Perhaps I'll get a second chance to walk down this exact narrow passage.

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Lili さんのコメント...

Great pictures and I love the music ^-^

Rina さんのコメント...

I love this song, it really gives me a true summer feeling. The whole soundtrack is really spectacular!
And the movie, Kikujiro no Natsu, is a good movie for the summer as well. If you can find it, please watch it!
;) ♥♥

Make it Easy さんのコメント...


Rina さんのコメント...

アロンくん! ♥♥
アロンくんもやさしいね〜!ありがとう!はい、バナーをつくったけどフォントをつくなかった。I worked really hard to make it! デザインのプロセスはたのしかった。デザインにことが好き。

Maverick Daniels さんのコメント...

Lovely set of photographs!
I really like photographs taken in Japan. There's something in that country which makes everything so interesting. I should go there one day and take my own set!
And I really love the song from link you've provided, as a matter of fact, the whole soundtrack!
The song Mad Summer is the type of song I would listen to while cruising on my longboard on a particular windy day. Imagine seashores on the left, dense jungles on the right. Perfect.

Rina さんのコメント...

Maverick, you are so right! Japan is such an interesting country!
I hope you will get to travel there someday (:
I usually listen to this song when I go for walks, so I can totally imagine jungles and seashores to the sides of me!
what a lovely description.