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happy weekend~

Never have I been so glad for the weekend to arrive.
This might sound silly, but I didn't think returning from summer break would be so exhausting!
I guess doing a lot of nothing during the break has made me very content and lazy, like a cat. oops...
Even though there are a lot of things going on (mostly school related) I'm glad to be busy again.

Nagano Toyokazu is a photographer who lives in Kanazawa, and he takes so many beautiful portraits of his family!
The photos that really pulled at my heartstrings were the ones of his adorable daughter, and adorable is really understating it, Kana.
Kana-chan's portraits are so whimsical, and these photos awake memories from childhood (making silly faces, playing dress up, using your imagination)
I am always impressed with the creativity in Japan, which is something that Kana-chan's father appears to be teaching her. What a cool dad!


Happy Weekend to you!!

4 件のコメント:

iz さんのコメント...

I loved all these shots! So creative and colorful. That little girl is so photogenic. And they are all film photos, yes? すばらしい!!

Rina さんのコメント...

yes she is precious! and of course! look at those results, gotta be film. ;)

Make it Easy さんのコメント...

ganbatte ne Rina chan on your schooling!!!
I remember college was so draining for me... but also a really fun time in my life!! its great to make the most of it since you wont be in school forever, ne! haha

i love his photographs btw!

hope you are well Rina chan!!!!!
have a great week!!

Rina さんのコメント...

It can be chotto draining, but I like being busy and learning a few new things. Aa, but I want to hurry up and finish, so I can go to Japan! hehe.
Hmm, I have a letter to send to you, but I wonder if it will get there before you leave. maybe I'll just wait till you've settled in. ;P
aron-kun mo ganbatte ne! genki de ne~