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sayonara summer: part one

where does time go?
I remember when summer first started, and it seemed that the endless days of leisure would go on forever.
Suddenly, the countdown begins till everything is once again routine. No more late night adventures, or spontaneous drives.
My moments of truly being carefree are quietly fading. But I am anxiously awaiting this new school semester.

Until then, I reminisce about the boiling summer days; watching airplanes fly away into sunsets, and cooling off at a lazy river.
Where have you been spending your summer days?

My memories are neatly intact in the many stacks of photos.

At the river till sunset

finding secret pathways at the park

a spot to watch the airplanes

「何も恐れない そして舞い上がる」

Oh and a big congratulations to the wonderful Aron from Make It Easy!
He is moving to Japan! がんばってね〜!日本で、会いましょう! かんぱいアロンくん!♥


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Make it Easy さんのコメント...

aaah rina chan! hontou ni arigatou!!
you are toooo sweet to do a shout on your blog to me! hahah i really do appreciate all your support and friendship! you have been so kind to me, so arigatou arigatou!! if you ever go back to Japan, we can hang out ne!!

great summer photos by the way! looks like a nice time by the river. very relaxing.

i am listening to the totoro song right now as i type this. haha

oh and by the way, i dont think your header photo is working? all i see is a photobucket icon pic :-/

have a nice weekend rinachan!!!

Rina さんのコメント...

ええーはずかしい!(/ω\) I fixed it, thank you for telling me! きゃ〜!会いたい、会いたい!I would be incredibly happy if we could hang out in Japan. 楽しみにしている!
I am just so happy for you Aron! You are so inspiring, I should be saying arigatou to you! hehe.
アロンくんずっと好き!♥ ♥
将来はがんばろうね! さんのコメント...

I adore these pictures, they have so much atmosphere! love, love ^-^ Have a nice weekend!

Rina さんのコメント...

thank you Lili!! ♥