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the macabre works of 'Colette Saint Yves'

BOO! It's getting closer to Halloween, and I can't wait for the classic movie channel to have it's annual Horror Film Marathon.
Also, episodes of the Twilight Zone start coming on other television channels. Yes, I very much enjoy the spookiness that surrounds Halloween.
If any of you enjoy scary movies, please let me know which are your favorite. I am always in search new horror films.

here are some ghoulish things I have found, as an early tribute to All Hallows Eve

These beautiful, yet haunting, works are done by the collage-video artist, and photographer, Hortense Lagrange aka Colette Saint Yves .
Her works remind me of the eerie band Timber Timbre; both strangely alluring.
I also like that Ms. Colette uses early film stars in some of her collages.

Are these too spooky? Or are you in favor of the spookiness in the season?

4 件のコメント:

Lili さんのコメント...

I love spooky season! I have an excuse to watch scary movies every day :D

Rina さんのコメント...

hooray for scary movies! :) Have you watched The Shinning? It is one of my favorites.

iz さんのコメント...

Ahhhh Timber Timbre always puts me in a spooky mood v_v

Rina さんのコメント...

mmhmm! Sometimes I feel very witchy listening to Timber Timbre...