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fun with the Fujiflim Instax

photos with my friend's Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S, from Halloween and the CocoRosie concert on Sunday~♥♥

Halloween photos (top left and right) of my sister's painted pumpkin, and my carved pumpkin. こわいい!ww
(can you guess who I carved on my pumpkin? hehe)
変顔!コンサートフォト (middle)
I was so fortunate to met TEZ (bottom left) , the band's beatboxer, and Takuya Nakamura (bottom right), the pianist/multi-instrumentalist for the band.
Takuya was sooo nice! とってもやさしい!I even spoke with him in Japanese. 恥ずかしかった!笑顔は大きいね!
The concert was beyond wonderful, such a beautiful memory that will forever live quietly in my mind.
Oh my, it's already November! I cannot believe it. Time is slipping through my fingers.
stay warm!

2 件のコメント:

Lili さんのコメント...

They are wonderful aren't they! I'm so jealous you met their beatboxer :)

Rina さんのコメント...

Yes I love them! And Tez was also really nice. He was so excited to see my camera. hehe.
Now that you're back in Europe, I definitely think you will be able to see them in concert! Majority of their live shows are in Europe. Who knows, you might be next to meet him! ♥♥